NHS app download instructions

View the download instructions here...

You can now download the NHS Contact Tracing app on your company mobile phone. Simply visit the ‘Play Store’, search for ‘NHS Covid 19’ or ‘Protect Scotland’ and download as instructed.

If for any reason this doesn’t work, you may need to synchronise your phone to enable the latest app downloads.

Simply follow these instructions:

•  Click on the ‘Company Portal’ app already installed on your mobile phone

•  Type in your password (this is the same password you use to log into your laptop or tablet)

•  Tap the three lines in the left-hand corner

•  Select ‘Settings’

•  Scroll down to ‘Management Policy’ and press ‘SYNC’

•  Once the sync is complete, you will then be able to download the app from ‘Play Store’.

For further advice or help contact the IT Helpdesk at ITServicedesk@marstons.co.uk.


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