Nice to sea you

Royal Navy submariners from HMS Victorious enjoyed a brewery tour at Marston’s Brewery in Burton On Trent.

HMS Victorious has been affiliated with Burton On Trent – the home of our brewery – for more than 15 years. When they’re not at sea, the crew spend time with local Sea Cadets and help to raise vital funds for a local primary school.

They recently returned from a long sea patrol and hoped to strengthen their bonds with Burton. So, they took a deep-dive into the town’s history with a visit to our brewery.

During the visit, the 11-strong crew joined a brewery tour before enjoying a few pints of our famous beers. To say thank you, they presented us with a HMS Victorious crest and a selection of navy badges and pins to display.

Teammates Maddie and Clare with the HM Victorious (Port) crew.


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