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In an interview with the Shropshire Star, CEO Ralph explains why he’s supporting the British Beer Alliance’s campaign to save the British local.

In the article, Ralph explains the impact high beer duty has on the pub industry, suggesting that the rise has contributed to the closing of 5,000 pubs over the past five years.

He argues that the hospitality industry offers lifelong career opportunities that will be put at risk: “One million people are employed in the pub trade. If pubs continue to close at the current rate, 20,000 of these jobs could go over the next five years.”

When a pub closes, many villages lose their only community asset – they’re a place for people to eat, drink, socialise, celebrate and have fun.

As well as providing an important place for people to meet and make friends, he says many charities would also suffer were it not for the money raised by pubs. Our pubs alone raise more than £1 million for local charities and community causes every year!

Click here to read the full interview and remember, there’s still time to sign the petition and show your support: https://www.longlivethelocal.pub/?source=marstons.


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