Making memories

A huge well done to David and his team at The Sand Martin for going above and beyond to host a surprise meal for Luton FC supporter Fred Young.

99 year-old Fred is Luton Town’s oldest fan! He’s been to every match over the past 70 years and has even been on national TV to share his love of the club.

The three-hour journey to Cardiff was not going to stop Fred watching the latest Championship match, but little did he know there would be a surprise waiting for him at the other end!

After hearing Fred’s story on Sky Sports News, local Cardiff supporters Neil and Rhys decided to show the comradery between the two teams by giving Fred the warmest Welsh welcome they could.

Our Carvery pub is just down the road from the football ground and is the perfect spot for match-day celebrations. So, the pair got in touch with General Manager David to organise a special meal, free beer and heaps of match-day goodies for Fred.

Fred’s family kept it a secret and he was completely overwhelmed by the gesture. It was such a special occasion that another customer even called CEO Ralph to thank David for all his hard work!

A huge thank you to David and our team at The Sand Martin for making Fred’s visit to Cardiff one to remember!


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