Fundraising down to a tee!

Teammates at The Camperdown Elm knocked it out of the park with a £4,000 golf fundraiser for local autism charity Spectrum.

The Rotisserie pub opened back in January, and manager Derek decided to mark his teammates’ first year with something big. He’s set them a challenge of raising £10,000 for the charity over the next twelve months, and they’re already above par after the first event.

“Spectrum supports families with autistic children by running weekend and after-school activities,” Derek told us. “It’s a great charity but it has very little income, so that’s where we come in.”

He wanted to hold an event that would bring the community together, so he got in touch with local clubs to find the venue for a golf day, before inviting local businesses to take part and donate prizes for a huge raffle.

He said: “It was phenomenal and the local community really helped out. A garage even offered a car to anyone who got a hole in one – unfortunately nobody managed it though! Afterwards, we invited everyone to the pub, where we drew the raffle in front of a 120-strong crowd.”

Other Marston’s pubs in Scotland also jumped on board, holding events and making donations to the cause.

On top of all that, the team has been finding other ways to support the charity. “We invited some of the children to spend time with us and we advertise Spectrum’s services on our community notice board. Next up, we’re hoping to work with local tradespeople to give the charity’s building a much-deserved makeover,” Derek added.

A huge well done to team Camperdown – keep up the great work!


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