Movie stars

Banks’s Brewery teammates are the stars of a new film for the Premier League.

The film – produced by our banking partner, Barclays – is all about our relationship with the local area, especially Premier League football team Wolverhampton Wanderers FC.

Starring centre stage is Beer Company MD Richard, Head Brewer Tom, Assistant Head Brewer Simon and Process Brewer Ed. They’re Black Country born and bred, beer lovers (of course!), and massive football fans, so they were the perfect stars of the show! 

We went behind the scenes to chat to our movie stars all about how it feels to be involved. Tom told us: “It links two of my passions – brewing beer and following Wolves football team. What could be better than talking about that?!”

Ed added: “I’ve worked at Banks’s Brewery for 19 years and I’ve been a season ticket holder for the same amount of time – I bought the original one with my first wage packet! I’m proud of the link we have with our local team and I love seeing people enjoying the match with a pint of Banks’s!”

Hit play below to check it out…


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