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Our annual beer reports are out now! They’re the perfect guides to help pub managers and supermarkets know what beers to stock for the year ahead.

We commissioned market research company Eureka! to ask 4,000 drinkers all about their buying habits, and what they really want to see on the bar or stocked on supermarket shelves.

Now we’ve analysed all of the data and pulled it together into two reports, one for our Off Trade customers and the other for On Trade. These reports provide our customers with expert knowledge and recommendations to help them tap into trends and sell more beer.

So what are this year’s findings? Here are our top takeaways:

  • Ale drinkers want to experiment. They’re looking for a range of brands, and their choices are influenced by different occasions and seasons.
  • Low and no-alcohol drinks will continue to be a growing trend. People are on the hunt for low-alcohol and low-calorie alternatives without having to compromise on taste.
  • Authenticity is increasingly important. People want to know the brewing origin of a beer and the unique facts about it.
  • For the perfect range, follow the A.G.A.D rule with amber, gold, amber and dark across the bar. Include a good mix of well-known national brands and regional favourites, too.
  • Customers may be buying less, but they are buying better quality.
  • Consistently serving high quality beer helps a pub stand out from the crowd. 40% of cask ale drinkers won’t return to a pub if they’ve been served a bad pint!
  • People are seeking a better experience for their money, so offering the right food pairings alongside a great beer range ticks all the boxes.

Click here to read the full Off Trade report and here for the On Trade one.


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