Energy superheroes

We’re celebrating teammates at Marston’s Brewery this World Environment Day. They’ve made fantastic steps to reduce the amount of electricity and water they use.

Earlier this year, we launched a brand new energy-saving project at Marston’s Brewery in Burton upon Trent. Now we’re six months into our mission and the data shows some extraordinary results so far!

There’s been an average reduction of almost 2,000 kWh of electricity per day. To put this into perspective, a single day’s reduction is equal to more than seven months electricity at home! And we’ve seen a massive water reduction of 80 hL per day, too. That’s enough water to fill almost 16,000 pint glasses, and will fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool if we keep it up for the rest of the year!

Wearing the crown for ‘most improved’ is the Brewing & Fermentation team. So far, they’ve achieved a water reduction of 13.9% (that’s enough water to fill almost 5,000 pint glasses a day!). So how are they doing it? Here are some of their top tips:

  • Challenge energy waste wherever you see it. Remind teammates to do the right thing if you see them wasting energy.
  • Never underestimate the huge savings that can be made with very little effort. Build it into your daily routine and it will become second nature.
  • Factor in the seasons: you might be using different equipment in the warmer months, so identify these seasonal changes and discuss them in team meetings.


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