Don’t worry, let’s talk money.

Struggling to put those pennies aside? Sharesave takes the fear out of saving! But be quick – you’ve only got a few days left to join the scheme.

We know that saving can sometimes be scary and tough to manage, but it really couldn’t be easier with our savings scheme! If you need help putting some cash aside for a rainy day and haven’t signed up yet, make sure you don’t miss out – registration closes on 10 June!

Here’s a quick reminder about how it works…

  1. Choose how much you want to save (any amount from £2.50 to £125 per week, or the monthly equivalent).
  2. Register online at
  3. Your savings will be taken straight from your pay for three years (starting in August), so just sit back and watch them grow!
  4. Receive your savings as a cash lump sum or buy shares with some or all of your savings for £0.96 per ordinary share – a 10% discount on the closing share price as at 23 May.

If you’re new to Sharesave, remember you don’t need to wait for your activation code to arrive in the post before you apply. Just go to ‘manage my Sharesave applications’ and follow the instructions to join this year’s scheme. Then, when you receive your activation code, login to get full access to your account.


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