To celebrate Wine Week, we caught up with our very own (and self-confessed!) wine geeks.

Cockburn & Campbell is a wine and spirits merchant, owned by Marston’s. It offers 800 wines and 450 spirits to customers across the country.

What makes it so special? Sitting alongside our beer business, it means our customers can order everything direct, in one go – from beers and wines, to spirits and consumables. It’s a fresh approach that gives us an important competitive edge.

Listen in as we chat to Simon and Graham about what makes us stand out, key market trends and their top tips for choosing wine.

Our top three takeaways:

  • 85% of 18 to 24 year-olds don’t drink wine because they think it’s too complicated. We’re working hard to change this by making it less scary and more exciting.
  • Choose your wine based on the food pairing (i.e. if you’re eating pasta, go with a wine from Italy).
  • No and low-alcohol is a growing trend in the wine market, as well as sparkling wine. That’s why we’ve introduced ‘Nosecco’ – an alcohol-free sparkling wine.

Next up, we’re putting teammates to the test with a blind taste game! Check back here in a few days to give it a watch.


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