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To celebrate National Waiters’ Day, we caught up with front-of-house superstar Donna, who recently celebrated 30 years of service.

National Waiters’ Day is all about celebrating front-of-house teams and inspiring people to take up lifelong careers in the hospitality industry.

We know we’ve got some of the best waiters out there – teammates like Donna! She recently celebrated an incredible 30 years’ of service at The Gate in Osbaston. We caught up with her to hear all about the role and her most memorable moments.

[On the early years]

“When I first joined the team, we wore a uniform with dickie bows! At the time we had very defined roles – I was a waitress and I purely waited tables, while the bar team stayed on the bar. Nowadays we all muck in and do a bit of everything.”

[On a real love for the job]

“It’s the customers that keep me coming back! I love interacting with them – and they often come in just to see me. It’s really nice that if I’m on holiday, they always ask after me!”

[On memorable moments]

“I’ve been given some really interesting gifts. I told one lady that I liked her shoes, and the following week a pair of the same shoes had been left on the table for me. We had a customer who liked to go fishing, and once he brought me a trout, too!

“On one occasion I accidently took someone’s order down wrong. At the end of the meal the customer told me that he didn’t think he had ordered the dish but he really liked it. He came back every Saturday and asked me to choose his meal for him!

“My favourite moment was probably when I was an accidental matchmaker. There were two people at the bar and I thought they were with each other, so I took their order together. They saw the funny side, and by the end of the night they were sat together and had bonded over it!

[On lessons learned]

“When I joined, I was employed by a couple called Linda and Charlie. Charlie interviewed me at a school in the village and he said: “It’s as important to talk to the customer as it is to take out their meal.” He said that 30 years ago, and I am still saying it now.”

We know we’ve got some of the best waiters out there, so we want to take this opportunity to say a HUGE thank you to each and every one of you for all your hard work. Happy Waiters’ Day from all of us at Marston’s! 🙂


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