More reasons to learn

Talent Academy Online has a host of new features to make it even better for teammates!

You can now pin your favourite pages, translate text into different languages and change the background on some of the courses to make them more accessible.

The new ‘pin’ feature is super useful as you can now save important pages and quickly revisit them – perfect if you want to recap something before an end of course test!

The language translator is available on all CPL branded courses, and lets you choose from 66 different languages, which appears alongside the English text.

Meanwhile, the background colour feature has been introduced to help people with dyslexia and visual impairments. A handful of key courses – including Health and Safety, Food Safety, Allergens, Fire Safety, APLH and First Aid Awareness – all have the feature, which lets you change the background to blue, cream and pink for easier visibility.

Head to the Talent Academy website to check out the new features.


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