“You won’t find another like her”

We caught up with Cleaner Shirley as she celebrates an incredible 25 years of service.

Back in 1994, Shirley joined the team at The Clarendon in Wolverhampton, and she hasn’t looked back since! We caught up over a cuppa as she received her long-service award.

[On the early years]

Shirley: “When I first joined I saw it as a temporary position, but I actually found something that really suited me.

“I worked in a factory when I left school and it was a really high-pressured environment. Cleaning is really different and I love the sense of calm it gives me.

 “In the early days I would do the cleaning in the morning and then come back and work front-of-house for special functions and events. Some of my best memories are from the Christmas parties we hosted for local businesses.”

[On a real love for the job]

“You’ve got to enjoy a job to stay as long as I have! I take real pride in my work and love making sure it’s perfect.

“I’ve always wanted to do a job that keeps me busy and cleaning fits the bill. It’s definitely kept me fit and healthy over the years, too.

“I’m a hands-on person, so cleaning suits me. It’s funny, because some people would moan…but I don’t even mind cleaning the toilets!”

[On The Clarendon]

“I’ve worked for a number of different managers and each one has looked out for me. I get lovely gifts for my birthday and I feel really appreciated. I remember one Area Operations Manager (AOM) said: ‘Look after Shirl because you won’t find another like her!’

“The pub has changed a lot over the years. When I first joined, there was a separate children’s room and even a garage next door. The inside was carpeted throughout and there was a lot of interior copper, which was always tricky to clean. Each time the pub’s been transformed, it’s always been for the better and I love the latest look.

“It’s the people that bring this pub to life! We host functions, meetings and events here and often I’m the first face people see, so I always make sure I give a friendly welcome.”

[On 25 years of service]

“The time has flown by and I can’t believe I’ve reached 25 years. AOM Adrian presented me with a certificate and now I’ve just got to decide what to buy with my vouchers!

“I don’t think I’ll retire anytime soon because I can’t imagine getting up early and not coming to work – I hope I can make it to 30 years!”

Thanks for all your hard work Shirley! J

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