Off the scale

Find out how teammates at The Crumpled Horn have partnered with local charities to raise a massive £28,000 since October.

General Manager Sharon and her team in Upminister have been hitting huge fundraising numbers thanks to an innovative idea. As well as running their own pub quiz, they also host events on behalf of other charities.

“It started eight years ago when one of my regulars – who works for a cat charity – wanted to raise some money and was asking for ideas,” said Sharon. “I suggested that we could run a quiz for her. All she had to do was get people in, ask for a donation to take part and run a raffle. It went down so well that they’ve been doing it every single week for the last eight years!”

Now the team supports ten more charities with their regular events, including First Steps which hosts a ‘Bandeoke’ night at the pub – it’s karaoke but with a live band!

As well as helping great causes, the events also bring in new customers, so the pub takes an average of £300-500 more on food and drink each time they host.

In recognition of the team’s efforts, Sharon’s created a fundraising thermometer which is next to the bar. The team updates it monthly to show how much they’ve raised for great causes so far.

“These events are all about giving back to the community. A lot of the people in the area work for charities or do voluntary work, so it’s important that we support them,” added Sharon.

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