We showcased a selection of our top beers on a special pop-up bar in Italy.

Beer Attraction is an international exhibition in Rimini, Italy that’s dedicated to specialty and craft beers, as well as food. We teamed up with Campanella (a design company that kits out pubs) to showcase our beers on their ‘Anglo-Irish’ themed bar.

Visitors enjoyed refreshing pints of Bombardier, Hobgoblin IPA, 61 Deep and Hobgoblin Gold. People were really impressed with the display, and we even attracted a new wholesaler and 18 new pub stockists! The new business builds on the awesome work our Export team is already doing in Italy, which makes up 12% of our overseas sales.

Head of Sales Tim said: “We work with 21 wholesalers, which sell beer to stockists in different parts of the country. There’s a lot of competition, but we stand out because we’re a traditional brewer with a strong heritage.”

As well as attracting new business, Tim and his team have been working hard to educate existing wholesalers about our brands.

“If we can make them excited about our beers, they’ll share that passion with their customers. So I’ve been bringing them over to Marston’s Brewery in Burton upon Trent to show them how great we are at brewing. They see that we’re unique, and their jaws drop when they see the Burton Union System.

“Now I’m planning to bring the bar designers over to visit The Albion Taphouse, too. It demonstrates what we’re all about – a traditional pub with a hint of modern! Our plan is to work with them to build a bar that mimics parts of The Albion and showcase it in Rimini next year.”


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