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The first Palm Pour Beer Dispense System has been installed at The Bear in Stafford!

The Palm Pour Beer Dispense System is an innovative way of pouring pints from a tank above your head.

How does it work?

A special tube at the back of the unit is unhooked and clicked to pour a pint. Once the glass is full, the beer is stopped through an instant shut-off value, reducing any spillage.

What’s great about this new innovation?

It means that large beer pumps are no longer a barrier between our bar teams and our customers, creating the best possible experience.

Our teammates can interact with customers from the minute they order and can easily pass drinks across a busy bar. And we’ve created a unique talking point that will hopefully encourage new customers to visit, too.

What’s next?

The installation at The Bear in Stafford is part of a three-month trial using a specially-made prototype. Success will be measured through customer feedback, before we look to install it in more of our pubs.

Keith, Operations Manager, said: “Innovation is really important in our industry and we’re always looking for ways to do things differently. After months of hard work from the whole team, it’s really exciting to finally see it up and running!”

Why not pop in and see what all the fuss is about?!


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