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Buy a state-of-the-art home alarm system from ADT and get your hands on an exclusive installation discount or a free gift!

ADT Smart Home is the security solution for modern living. It combines the latest security and home automation technology, so you can stay in control of your world on the go. Remotely connect with your home and always stay in touch through your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Use the Smart Home app on your device or PC to:

  • Remotely set or unset your home alarm system
  • Turn on lights before you get home and set a holiday routine
  • Keep an eye on who is coming and going and monitor what your furry friends get up to when you’re not at home

Interested? We’ve got an exclusive offer for all Marston’s teammates! Buy a state-of-the-art home alarm system and get your hands on an exclusive extra. Choose from:

  • A free Wi-Fi camera
  • A free smoke detector
  • £50 off the installation fee

Click here to visit the exclusive Marston’s portal where you can register your interest.


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