“A real all-rounder”

Razorback Amber Ale was officially named in the Independent as a ‘2019 Indy Best Buy’.

Brewed to the same recipe for 40 years, Razorback was named after the wild boar that features on the brewery logo. This breed of pig has a history in the New Forest and was reintroduced in the area in 2008, almost 700 years after extinction.

Our fantastic beer has been recognised by the Independent in the ‘10 best low-alcohol beers list’. The 3.6% ale was praised for a well-rounded balance of hops and fruity notes, as well as the sweet aroma of dark chocolate. It’s a true crowd-pleaser that makes the perfect winter pick-me-up or chilled summer refreshment.

Jodie, Assistant Brand Manager, said: “This is such a great win for Ringwood! We are so pleased our biggest and fastest growing brand has the official title of Indy Best Buy – it’s a real credit to our process and ethos here…well done us!”

Check out the full top ten list here. Not tried it yet? Click here to buy.


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