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Introducing The Big Marston’s Energy Saving Week – a brand new campaign to combat wasted energy at our brewery in Burton-on-Trent.

Marston’s Brewery is open every day, for long hours, producing an award-winning portfolio of beers. Our teammates work hard milling, mashing, boiling and fermenting and this uses a lot of energy, in more ways than one…

  • It costs £733 a day to run our site, even on days when we don’t produce any beer. That’s equivalent to selling 244 pints down your local.
  • Our electricity bill is a staggering £1,937 a day. Across the UK, we waste £4.4 billion every year just by leaving lights on when they’re not needed.
  • Carbon footprint is the total greenhouse gas emissions that we directly and indirectly cause. To offset our carbon footprint for just one year, we would need to plant 207,000 trees that grow for a minimum of 10 years.

The good news is that we can pull together and do little things that’ll make a BIG difference. Think turning lights off if you’re the last to leave the room, shutting down PCs and monitors at the end of the day and closing the doors in temperature controlled areas. Changing our habits will benefit our business and help protect the environment for future generations, too.

We could all be better at saving energy. Let’s work together and see how much difference we can make.


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