The power of pizza!

Members of our Urban Format Leadership Team went back to the floor to have a go at running The Seven Woods in Warrington.

The team at The Seven Woods won a special Urban competition for pizza sales. Across 4 weeks they sold a whopping 470 pizzas, beating off tough competition from five other pubs. The prize? Members of the Urban FLT running your pub for the night.

While the team enjoyed a well-deserved night off, the Urban FLT took hold of the reins at the pub – behind the bar, in the kitchen and on the floor.

It was no mean feat – but they did a great job pulling pints, cooking pizza and deliver top-notch customer service.

Dave, Head of Franchise, said: “The team at The Seven woods smashed the pizza comp and it just shows how engaged the team is. They were deserving winners and I really enjoyed rolling up my sleeves and getting stuck in!”

Chris, Area Operations Manager, said: “It’s great to put ourselves in the shoes of operators and appreciate just how much you have to be on top of everything. Plus, it’s really great to get insight and see how our operators bring Urban to life.”


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