Delivering to a door near you!

We’ve made the first delivery from our brand new distribution centre in West Thurrock, Essex!

We deliver to 1 in 4 pubs across the UK and over the last year, 2.5 million barrels of our own and licensed beer brands was delivered directly to these pubs.

We keep our distribution in-house, unlike other breweries, so it’s faster and more efficient and our distribution centres play a really important part in keeping daily operations running smoothly.

The first delivery left our new logistics centre in West Thurrock on Monday 3 December. This hub will help us deliver to new locations and will give us an opportunity to increase our customers in the South. Increasing our hold in this area of the country is an important part of our growth plan.

It really shows that we’re serious about being the best for beer, gives us a competitive edge and means we can deliver more of our products even faster to meet growing demand.

To get going, we’re recruiting 61 new roles from Class 2 Drivers and drayman, to Warehouse Operatives and Logistics Managers. And, we’re doing things differently, with a brand new recruitment campaign launching in the New Year! Check back here to find out more…


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