Spotted: A starring role

DE14 End Point IPA featured on James Martin’s Saturday Morning cookery show.

Based at Marston’s Brewery in Burton, our 600-pint nano-kit lets our brewers experiment with ingredients and techniques to create exciting new beers. So far, we’ve produced two core beers – Flight Suit and End Point IPA – and over 40 limited edition special brews and collaborations.

End Point IPA (5.6% ABV) combines lager and pale ale malts to create a light golden colour using Admiral, First Gold and Herkules hops. The trio of American hops (Chinook, Cascade and Columbus) helps create a Burton IPA for the 21st century.

DE14 is all about ripping up the rule book and experimentation, so this brew is named after the term given for the end of a chemical reaction.

Drinks expert Oz Clarke praised our IPA for its bitter sweetness and one taste tester gave it a strong 9 out 10!

Check out the episode here and skip to 1 hour 22 minutes in for the best bit!


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