Spectacular sausage!

Banks’s Brewery has teamed up with an award-winning Wolverhampton butchers, Robinsons, to create a very special beer-infused sausage.

Infused with Banks’s Amber Ale, a deep golden ale offering a blend of hoppy flavours and fruity overtones, this meaty creation is a true celebration of local heritage. Made and sold in Robinsons, it’s available to purchase now and each pack of sausages comes with a 10% discount voucher for a Banks’s Brewery tour.

The collaboration was to celebrate UK Sausage Week – it’s all about promoting the great British banger. Steve Robinson, owner of Robinsons Butchers, said, “UK Sausage Week is all about celebrating the best of British sausage and traditional local produce. What better way to mark the occasion than bringing together the undefeated combination of beer and sausage. It’s really exciting for us to be able to collaborate with other local businesses and we look forward to seeing what customers make of our new creation!”

Rose Slater, Banks’s Visitor Centre and Shop Manager, said: “We were delighted to partner with Robinsons to celebrate UK Sausage week. Banks’s Amber is the prefect ingredient to make a sausage with a difference. We’ll be hosting a tasting at the Visitor Centre, soon so keep your eyes peeled for more info.”

Hit play below to watch a special video about the making of the sausage 🙂


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