Power play!

Our CEO, Ralph, has been named on this year’s Foodservice Equipment Journal (FEJ) Power List.

The FEJ Power List is an annual celebration of the movers and shakers in the foodservice industry. It highlights people who have really made their mark, and who are inspiring their businesses to new heights.

The ‘Business Leaders’ category – which CEO Ralph was featured in – recognises people behind some of the most prominent brands in the UK foodservice sector. It celebrates the decisions and investments they make, as well as the projects they kick-start that help thousands of restaurants and kitchens to flourish.

Ralph was praised by the FEJ for turning our business into ‘one of the UK’s most envied pub operators and independent brewers’ during his time as CEO. The journal also recognised our new-build growth plan and our industry-leading NOM.EAT vegan menu.

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