A spooktacular night

The Hobgoblin celebrated Halloween in style at his favourite watering hole, the haunted Hobgoblin Inn – where the blood runs as cold as the beer. Find out what happened…only if you’re brave enough!

The Hobgoblin opened his Inn to special guests (including fans, trade media and press) for one night only! But what happened I hear you ask? Loyal Gobliners decided the fate of the guests via Facebook Live.

The fiendish decs were up, the scary costumes out in force, the ruby beer was flowing and at 8pm the games began! First up, guests were welcomed into the Banquet Hall where fans decided what scary food they’d face (delicacies included a pigs trotter and a fish eye!).

Then, a group of contestants competed in a special game of ‘Don’t Spill a Drop’ – where the challenge was to hold a pint at arm’s length for the longest amount time without spilling a drop! And, two guests were locked in room 29 to unravel a series of clues from resident ghost, Mabel.

After the mischief was over, rock band The Replicas entertained the guests and there was lots of dancing to finish off a spooktacular Halloween!

Click here to watch it unfold! So far, the live stream has been viewed by more than 66,000 people!


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