The (royal) seal of approval

We caught up with Prince Luitpold, CEO of licensed brand Kaltenberg, on his recent trip to the UK to find out more about our partnership.

Q: Can you tell us about your partnership with Marston’s?

A: We have production in 15 countries outside of Germany. If you look worldwide there are German, English and Belgium beers dominating the market. There is an old beer culture in these countries. If you want to have an impact on the market, it makes sense to have a range of the best beer styles with authentic partners – and that’s what we’re doing with Marston’s in the UK.

Q: Why is it important to brew locally?

A: Beer should be fresh – it’s not ideal to send beer over long distances. When we look for a production partner, we’ll see whether the brewery is technically in shape to brew our beers by checking all the machinery. We have a very detailed spec and a very detailed recipe. We send our brew masters to train each team and regularly check back in, so the beer comes out exactly how we want it. Our aim is that any beer controlled in another country should be at the same standard.

Q: What’s the key to the brewing process?

A: The German purity law was founded by one of my ancestors 500 years ago. It meant that beer is made out of three ingredients: hops, malt and water. We don’t use any other ingredients – no chemicals and no shortcuts! We have a yeast grain we have been working with for a long time, too. The flavour of beer has a big part to do with the yeast you are using. With our beer you get a pure, natured product.

Q: Do you have future plans for your brewery?

A: Christmas is an important time of year for beer selling and we do a big Christmas market where 50,000 people come to the brewery to enjoy the festivities.

In terms of the future marketplace, I think low and no-alcohol beers will grow rapidly. If you look at areas like the Middle East, you have people who like alcohol-free drinks – it’s a booming segment! We’ve built a brewery just for this, rather than exporting syrup like many competitors do, which can reduce the flavour.

Q: What’s the best food pairing with Kaltenberg Royal Lager?

A: Our Royal Lager will go well with most meat products – especially if they’re cooked rare, rather than well-done.
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