Julie’s got the power

HR teammate Julie took part in Birmingham’s Strongest Woman Competition and took home three personal bests!

Julie, who started going to the gym to get fit, entered the competition with just three months training under her belt. Up against 15 other competitors, she took on five different events including the 100kg deadlift, a truck pull and a 50kg farmer’s walk for 20 metres.

On the day, she achieved three personal bests (6x100kg deadlifts, 44 second truck pull and 8x50kg stone over yoke throws). She said: “I absolutely loved taking part in my first competition. I feel stronger and fitter than ever and I’m keen to keep pushing myself!”

She’s motivated to make it into the rankings and has already signed up for the next competition, Strongest Gladiator 2018! Good luck Julie, we can’t wait to see how you get on 🙂


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