MP announces Book Prize winner

The award, set up by Alfred Wainwright's family and publishers, celebrates the best UK travel and nature books. This year’s winner was The Seabird’s Cry.

The Seabird’s Cry is a celebration of the wonders of seabirds – the only creatures at home in the air, on land and on the sea. It shows the world through the eyes and lives of ten different seabirds, and also carries a warning about the rapid decline in seabird numbers and the risks of extinction.

The judges – made up of TV presenters, publishers and campaigners – praised Adam’s writing as ‘outstanding’ for writing such a unique story that demonstrates the urgent need for us all to reduce the impact we have on the natural world.

Michael Gove MP and Countryfile presenter Ellie Harrison awarded Adam with a £5,000 prize, a keg of Wainwright Golden Beer and a set of Wainwright Golden Beer glasses. And there were plenty of refreshments to go round too, with everyone flocking to the bar for a celebratory pint of Wainwright.

Congratulations to all the entries, and especially to Adam for such a thought-provoking story.


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