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With International Burger Day on 23 August, we want to know: what’s your fave burger combo? We’ve asked our customers and now we want to hear from you.

Do people prefer a traditional cheese burger or are they after something a bit special (think donut buns!)? We polled our Lets Go Out forum members to get their thoughts. With 91% of people eating burgers in our pubs, it seems we’re a nation of burger lovers! Here are the highlights…

Burger Day grid V2

Got a fave burger topping or combo? Let us know in the comments below. And check out some of our fun burger facts to help get you in the International Burger Day spirit…

  • The burger started life as a hamburger steak in Hamburg, Germany back in 1884.
  • Hamburgers didn’t catch on in the States until the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, where they were sold as a snack.
  • According to the Oxford English Dictionary, hamburger was first abbreviated to burger in 1939.
  • Nearly 60% of all sandwiches sold worldwide are actually hamburgers.
  • Over 100 million burgers are eaten across the world every year.
  • 2018 burger trends include breakfast burgers, donut and waffle burgers, meatless burgers, global burgers (e.g. Greek or Mexican style), avocado burger buns and high-protein burgers.



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