Unsung heroes

Hobgoblin is championing the people who make the music industry tick – think journalists, merch managers and festival directors – with its latest campaign.

As part of the #UnsungHeroes social media campaign, Hobgoblin’s championing legends in the music industry, who are often working hard behind the scenes, but are vital to keep things running smoothly.

As part of the campaign, they’ve caught up with a handful of music industry legends like author Joel McIver and composer Chris Haich. Visit the Hobgoblin’s music room and you can listen in as they chat about their careers, being rock and roll insiders and what goes on behind the scenes.

Know an unsung hero who deserves a legendary shout-out from the Hobgoblin himself? Nominate them on social media using the hashtags #Hobgoblin and #UnsungHeroes – let’s raise a glass to those in the shadows!

Don’t forget, Hobgoblin’s on tour across the summer at a host of music festivals, from Bloodstock (the UK’s biggest independent metal festival) to Truck (the Godfather of the small festival scene). Check out the festival map here.


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