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S.N.A.P – a safe space for children and adults with special needs to grow and learn – has had a complete revamp thanks to our Estates team’s annual charity day.

After months of organising and calling in favours from contractors and suppliers, 60 volunteers from our Estates team recently transformed the Special Needs Adventure Playground (S.N.A.P) in Cannock.

Together, they refurbished the children’s play area, planted a sensory garden, painted the building and gave the rooms inside a magical makeover.

Becky and Shelley managed the project from start to finish – one day’s hard work onsite was months in the planning! Here, they give us a glimpse into how they pulled it off…


Becky: “We know it’s a long way off, but we’ve picked a date and have started scouring the internet for local charities and community causes that might need our help.”


Shelley: “We’ve put together a shortlist of 10 charities and we’ll visit each of them before we pick the most suitable. It’s tricky because we also have to make sure the site can accommodate 60 volunteers!”


Becky: “We’ve chosen S.N.A.P as our charity. It’s an amazing place that makes a huge difference. Now we really have to start getting organised…spreadsheets at the ready!”


Shelley: “We’ve visited S.N.A.P to give them the good news and are scoping out the site. We’ve measured every single surface – hopefully we haven’t forgotten one or it’s back to Cannock we go!”

Becky: “We’ve got a final list of all the supplies we need and what contractors we’ll be roping in to help us out. We’re going to need a HUGE amount of paint!”


Becky: “We’ve got our volunteers and we’ve picked our team leaders – they’ll be responsible for managing an area of the project on the day.”

Shelley: “We’re also calling round all our suppliers to ask for their help, free of charge. They were all more than happy to jump on board and support our mission.”


Becky: It’s all about the final preparations and the smaller details now – like finding the best place for a well-deserved pint afterwards!”


Becky: “We did it – and what a fab day it was! We cleaned, tidied, stripped, painted and planted to recreate a welcoming and relaxing playground for the members. We’re exhausted but really happy with the results.”

Shelley: “This year’s charity day was a huge success. We got the whole team together (we even managed to coax a few out of retirement!), had so much fun and made a huge difference. Now it’s time to thank everyone involved (our suppliers and contractors really went above and beyond!), and share the pictures we captured on the day.”

A HUGE well done to everyone involved – you’ve done us proud and we can’t wait to see what you do next year!

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