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Two of our beer brands have partnered with Prostate Cancer UK to raise awareness and help save men’s lives.

We acquired the McEwan’s and Courage beer brands in June 2017, as part of the Eagle Brewery acquisition. The brands are a great addition to our impressive portfolio, and give us an important presence in Scotland and London respectively.

Both brands have chosen to support Prostate Cancer UK this year. It’s a disease that kills one man every 45 minutes in the UK, and our drinkers fall into the age group most at risk.

Courage has launched a campaign where 5p of every pint sold goes directly to Prostate Cancer UK – click here for a list of participating pubs.

Working with Scottish boxer shorts company Bawbags, McEwan’s has released a special-edition ‘McNificient Man’ boxer short – with all sale profits going straight to the charity. To promote the shorts, there’s a full campaign starring none other than Trainspotting author and McNificent Scotsman Irvine Welsh (who’s stripped down to his smalls!)…

He said: “I grew up with McEwan’s – my dad drank it, my granddad drank it and I don’t think there’s a photo of me taken in the 80s where I didn’t have a can of Export in my hand.

“I relish a challenge – if it takes me getting my kit off to get through to other men of my age that prostate cancer is not something to be trifled with, then that’s what I’ll do! To be honest, I’m a bit of an exhibitionist anyway. But this time I’m doing it for a great cause!”

Irvine Welsh

The hunt is now on for six other McNificent men. They’ll have their photos taken in the shorts and will be projected onto iconic buildings in Edinburgh and Glasgow in December.

Make sure you show your support for both brands as they raise as much as they can for this worthy cause. And keep an eye out for a McNificent comp for all teammates, coming soon!


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