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We’ve secured a new five-year distribution deal with US craft brewer Founders!

Our acquisition of Charles Well Brewing Business saw us secure a one-year distribution deal for Founders’ premium portfolio (more than 40 different beers!). Over the past year, we’ve increased sales of Founders All Day IPA by a whopping 247%, and it’s now stocked in more than 400 pubs and supermarkets across the UK.

Founders Brewing Co., based in Michigan, is the 16th largest brewery in the States. It’s built on an attitude of no regrets, heaps of passion for brewing and taking risks to craft the best beer. Founders’ brewers push the limits of taste by creating complex aromatic ales with tons of flavour.

Founders VP of Exports Brian said: “We hire for personality, passion and skill, and Marston’s hugely mirrors these values. We’re excited about this next chapter in our relationship, which will see us bring our passion for brewing to a UK audience – it’s going to be great fun!”

John, Head of Commercial Marketing, said: “We’re thrilled that the Founders philosophy is really starting to take off in the UK. We’re incredibly proud to renew our contract and look forward to our continued adventure together.”

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