Coffeehouse collab

Our latest limited-edition DE14 brew is a Cascara Session Sour, with a tangy cherry flavour and a deep amber colour.

Based at Marston’s Brewery in Burton, our 600-pint DE14 nano-kit allows our brewers to experiment with new ingredients and techniques to create exciting beers. So far, we’ve produced more than 40 limited-edition special brews and collaborations.

The latest DE14 collab saw us partner with Birmingham based coffeehouse Quarter Horse – they’ve got lots of experience working with craft brewers and they love doing things differently (which is right up our street!).

Our brewers and the coffeehouse masters decided that the world’s got enough coffee flavoured stouts, si they wanted to use the coffee bean in a different way…

Cascara is the outer husk of a coffee bean, which is sometimes used to make herbal tea because of its distinct cherry flavour. This led to an experimental collab brewed and fermented with pale malts, caramalts sour and a helping of dried cascara husks to produce a well-balanced session sour with subtle herbal flavours.

Why not give it a try at one of the following craft beer bars and let us know when you think in the comments below:

  • Beer Guerrilla, Northampton
  • Cherry Reds, Birmingham
  • Clink Beer, Birmingham
  • Dark Horse, Birmingham
  • Fixed Wheel Brewery tap, Blackheath
  • Green Duck Brewing (Badelynge Bar), Stourbridge
  • Furious Pub Co (Red Lion), Birmingham
  • Suds & Soda, Derby
  • Twisted Barrel, Coventry
  • White Horse, Birmingham
  • The Wolf, Birmingham


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