Bold new look. Same strong character.

Bombardier’s exciting makeover is hitting bars and shelves across the UK.

We acquired Bombardier – an iconic English ale – as part of the Eagle Brewery acquisition last year. Over the last few months, the team’s been working on an exciting new look and feel that captures the spirit of the brand’s popular ‘March to your own drum’ campaign.

The campaign’s all about raising a glass to people who are unique and confident in making their own decisions – like blind Paralympian and talented musician Roy Turnham who’s featured in the TV ads.

The new identity is modern and fresh to attract a new generation of ale drinker, whilst keeping an all-important nod to the English heritage and tradition that Bombardier’s known for.

You’ll see the new design on all POS and 20,000 new bottles will be going directly to customers. Follow @bombardier_beer on Twitter for special beer-themed recipes from @Yorkshire_Gourmet chef and influencer Paul Robinson – think Bombardier beer stew and dumplings and beer-flavoured custard!

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