Heroes of the community

From burger battles to the tallest beermat towers, our Taverns teams up and down the country smashed Community Heroes Week. Take a look at the best bits here.

‘Community’ is what our Taverns pubs are all about. That’s why they dedicate one week each year to pull together and raise as much as they can for local causes close to their hearts.

It’s called Community Heroes Week and, this year, it kicked off with a special ‘beat the brewery’ event. Teams at Marston’s House took on a series of mini-challenges (all related to pubs and beer, of course!), followed by pub teammates who did everything they could to beat their records. Here’s a list of the winners:

  • Most T-shirts put on in two minutes: 25 t-shirts – The Red Lion, Newburgh
  • Fastest time to fill a crate of beer: 11.5 seconds – The Horse and Jockey, Wall Heath
  • Fastest time to pot all the pool balls: 58 seconds – The Oak Apple, Worcester
  • Fastest time to eat a burger: 39 seconds – The Chequers Inn, Lutterworth
  • Fastest time to eat a bowl of ice cream: 11 seconds – The Horse and Jockey, Wall Heath
  • Highest score using nine darts: 300 points – The Wyandotte, Kenilworth
  • Most beermats flipped and caught in 60 seconds: 44 flips – James Edwards, Marston’s House
  • Tallest beermat tower in 60 seconds: 15cm – Ben Wooler, Marston’s House

So – as well as setting records – what else did we get up to? Here are some of our faves…

  • Marston’s House teammates skipped, rowed, climbed, cycled and washed their way to raising over £2,600 during their ‘move for money’ event.

Wow, what a week, raising over £2,600! HUGE thanks to everyone who got involved. Bring on next year! 🙂


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