Not all superheroes wear capes… Ours wear aprons! That’s why we’re joining the National Waiters’ Day celebrations today (16 May) to thank our waiters up and down the country for everything they do.

Led by Fred Siriex (known best for his starring role on Channel 4’s First Dates!), National Waiters’ Day is all about celebrating front-of-house teams and inspiring people to take up lifelong careers in the hospitality industry.

We know we’ve got some of the best waiters out there, so we couldn’t miss this chance to thank them and share some of their many talents that are often taken for granted. Here’s why we think our waiters’ aprons are actually secret superhero capes…

They’re epic party planners and community heroes, have the best memories around, channel Usain Bolt with their lightning speed but rival Mo Farrah with their marathon shifts, are great agony aunts, have Mystic Meg abilities when it comes to customers’ needs, are connoisseurs of all types of food and drink, and wow with their spirit-mixing, cocktail-shaking performances.

Here’s to all our front-of-house teams who have the near-impossible task of being all things to all people. And a special shout-out to these teammates who’ve been nominated by their managers for their sterling efforts…

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Got a teammates you’d like to thank? Let us know why they’re so special in the comments below…


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