Top spot for our website

We’ve taken first place in the website Sitemorse INDEX – beating off 476 other companies!

The Sitemorse INDEX is a report that rates a company’s online presence, comparing it to the websites of other PLCs across the country. It measures the online brand, functionality, speed, quality and accessibility of a website, to give an overall rating out of 10.

We scored an impressive 9.6 out of 10 overall, coming out on top against 476 other websites! Such a great score tells us that our website is easy to find and simple to use, with useful and interesting content for our customers and investors.

Over 115,000,000 website tests are carried out to collect these results. Since 2010, we’ve consistently achieved an overall score of 9.0 or more, and have claimed the top spot a massive 25 times!

Click here to see the full report.


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