Save as you earn with Sharesave

If you’re looking for an easy way to save for the future, Sharesave is here to help! It’s a secure and flexible savings scheme that’s exclusively available to teammates.

Here’s how Sharesave could help kick-start your savings journey…

  • It’s flexible around your lifestyle. You can choose how much to save and you can suspend up to 12 payments if you need to – perfect for months when things are a bit tight! Just keep in mind that postponing a payment will also push back the date when your scheme matures.
  • It’s hassle free. Once you’ve joined, your savings are taken straight from your salary, so you can just sit back and watch them grow! And you can quickly and easily manage your Sharesave account online, too.
  • It gives you the chance to own a piece of Marston’s. At the end of the three-year savings period, you can receive your savings as a cash lump sum or buy discounted shares. Becoming a shareholder means you get to share in the success that you help to create every day. If you choose to buy shares with some or all of your savings, the price is fixed at £0.89 per ordinary share – a 10% discount on the closing share price as at 24 May.

Visit before 11 June to find out more and to join this year’s Sharesave scheme.

New to Sharesave? Once registered on the portal, you don’t need to wait for your activation code to arrive to apply. Just go to ‘manage my Sharesave applications’ and follow the instructions to join this year’s scheme. When you receive your activation code in the post, login with it to get full access to your Sharesave account.


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