Return of the Mack

Catch-up with Steve McCormack, Apprentice Master Brewer, to get the lowdown on his brewing career and why he came back to Wychwood to train as a Master Brewer.

Steve joined the Wychwood team at 15, before heading off to uni to hone his brewing skills even more. After climbing the ladder at other local breweries, he chose to come back to Wychwood (in Steve’s words it’s his ‘spiritual home’) in 2015, where he’s now completing his Master Brewer training at 45.

Hit play below to hear Steve’s story.

Hear more from Steve and discover how we’ve been investing in our people, our equipment and our communities in a special four-page feature in The Place magazine – out now!

Fast fact…A Master Brewer is someone who’s achieved the highest professional brewing qualification offered by the Institute of Brewing & Distilling. With 16 teammates who are either Master Brewers or studying for the qualification (that’s more than any other brewery!), they set us apart for the quality, expertise and passion they bring to our beers.


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