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Radio X supports Wainwright’s latest ‘Find Your Mountain’ campaign, where customers can receive funding to turn their dreams into a reality.

We all have a mountain. For some it’s completing a marathon or learning to swim, and for others it’s learning to play an instrument. These goals are now within touching distance thanks to Wainwright’s latest consumer campaign.

To enter, customers simply share their ‘mountain’ for the chance to win up to £2,000 to help them achieve their goals – whatever they may be! And, for the first time, Wainwright has partnered with Radio X to locate ‘mountaineers’ in need of a helping hand. The station is the perfect place to promote the competition, driving listeners to tell their stories and inspiring them to dream big. Hit play below to have a listen.


Find out more about the campaign here, watch out for it on Wainwright’s social media channels and spread the word with your customers!

P.S. Wainwright’s launching a special version of the comp just for teammates soon! Get thinking about your goals and look out for how to enter over the next few days…


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