Laugh out loud!

What sort of laugher are you? Whether you’re a cackler, a howler or a snorter, wear your laugh with pride this World Laughter Day (Sunday 6 May)!

We all know that laughing feels good. But did you know it’s great for your wellbeing, too? A little giggle can boost your immune system, lower your blood pressure and reduce stress. It also releases lots of feel-good chemicals, making you – and everyone around you – feel great!

To celebrate laughter really being the best medicine, Dr. Madan Kataria dedicated a whole day to it (…a big thanks from all of us!!). World Laughter Day is now the time where millions of people gather together in public places and just laugh.

So, this Sunday is your chance to serve some chuckles with your pints! To help get you in the mood, have a listen to our fave laughs below (warning: they’re contagious!)…

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