Sunbeam roars into spring

Banks’s Sunbeam has a brand new look, inspired by the legendary Sunbeam motorcycle, made locally to the brewery in Wolverhampton.

We can’t get enough of the inspiration behind our latest brew to be given a new lease of life!

Sunbeam started out as a guest ale in 2011 to celebrate Wolverhampton retaining city-status for 10 years. It was so popular that it was promoted to a permanent member of the Banks’s family just one year later.

The name for this zesty blonde ale was originally inspired by the Sunbeam Motorcycle Factory. Based in Wolverhampton from 1912 to 1956, the famous factory was known as ‘Sunbeamland’ – a home of innovation and quality.

So, how better than to go back to its roots and bring this story to life on the new branding? The highlight is the bike wheel at the centre of the pump clip, with hints of a gritty feel to represent the factory and industrial era in the background. It’s a fresh take on the beer’s heritage – perfect for the modern day drinker!

Check out Banks’s website for more info and keep an eye out for our new-look Sunbeam on a bar near you.

20443_BANKSS_SUNBEAM_SOCIAL_773x960_V2_SO     motorcycle


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