Doggy mascots

The Woolpack Inn’s come up with a genius way to spread the word about being a dog-friendly pub, reaching more than 5,000 people in total!

Manager Kelly, who runs the Taverns pub in Weston, created a Facebook competition for people to post pictures of their beloved pooches, to be in with the chance of being named the pub’s mascot. The winning four-legged friend would also be drawn on the pub’s main noticeboard.

The post exploded! It was shared 70 times and reached more than 5,000 people! Kelly received so many entries that she decided on four winners to feature alongside her own pooch, Jaz. Congratulations to new mascots Copper, Hamish, Bailey and Monty.image1

Kelly said: “It worked a treat for us and the board has gone down amazingly with our guests – it’s the talk of the village! It’s a real work of art and has made our locals feel proud.”

Now it’s over to you! Are you a dog lover? Or would you prefer a pooch-free pub? Click here to read our Lets Go Out customer forum on dog-friendly pubs and to share your thoughts.


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