Pedigree is alive!

Looking for more depth and flavour from your bottled Pedigree? The search is over! Welcome to bottle conditioned pints…

Bottle conditioning is a method where a little yeast is added to the bottle, so the brew continues to ferment. It adds a touch more alcohol and allows the beer to mature with age – like a fine wine, it just keeps getting better!! It creates a more lively and flavoursome pint and is the closest thing to cask taste-wise.

Our friends at reviewed our newly conditioned Pedigree. Check out the video below, where they share the lowdown on all things bottle conditioning and show us how to pour a perfect pint.

Join Pat McGinty live on Facebook, at 19:00 on Wednesday 28 March, as he chats about Pedigree Bottle Conditioned, with an insight into what it is, why we love it and where we see the future of bottle conditioned beer.


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