Britain’s most crooked pub!

Leased pub, The Crooked House, has been named one of the weird and wonderful places to have a beer in Britain.

Sitting at number three on Buzzfeed’s list, The Crooked House was built in 1765 and is Britain’s most crooked pub. It’s wonky because of local mining in the 1800s that caused the ground to subside – one side of the building is four feet lower than the other!

After being judged as unsafe in the 1940s, it was rescued by Wolverhampton and Dudley Breweries and reinforced. Since then it’s become a famous tourist attraction, visited by thirsty travelers from all over the world.

Why not pop in? Remember to keep your hands on your pint before it slides down the bar, though!

Check out Buzzfeed’s full list here to find out more about Britain’s oldest pub, Britain’s smallest pub and even the pub that believes in aliens!

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