Calling all Energy Heroes!

We’ve got a challenge for you. We’re on a mission to save energy across Marston’s – and we need your help to do it! Get your superpowers ready and join the energy-busting crusade…

Your pub is probably open every day, for long hours. Your team is chilling drinks, cooking meals, keeping customers warm in winter and cool in summer, and generally creating an environment where people want to be. It takes lots of energy, in more ways than one! But it’s time we start thinking about the amount of energy we waste.

We’ve got a long list of energy-wasting menaces: fridge doors left open, lights left on, taps running, outside lights on during the day…you get the idea!

The good news is that we can pull together and do little things that’ll make a BIG difference. Changing our habits will benefit our business and help protect the environment for future generations, too.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Think about the things you do every day. How could you use less gas, electric or water? Make a personal or team pledge to reduce the energy you use.
  • Look out for Energy Hero stickers around your pub. They’ll remind you to turn things off when you’re finished with them, like gas rings, lights and taps.
  • Challenge energy waste wherever you see it. We’re not telling you to become a grouch, but it’s good to remind teammates to do the right thing if you see them wasting energy.
  • And, of course, let everyone know how you get on. Comment below to share your ideas, tips and experiences with other teams across Marston’s.

We could all be better at saving energy. Let’s ‘power-down’ together and see how much difference we can make.

Good luck Energy Heroes!


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