Did someone say pie..?

In case you were wondering, it’s Pie Day on 23 Jan. What does that mean? Well, you can basically scoff as much pastry yumminess as you like! And, of course, we’re here to help with that…

Whether it’s something hearty to warm you up on a cold day, or a big bake to tuck into with friends and family, we’ve got it covered.

TAKE OUR QUICK QUIZ HERE to find out which pie’s the one for you (there’s some science to it, but it’s mostly a bit of fun!), then head over to your nearest Marston’s pub to enjoy your perfect pie match. Don’t forget to let us know which pie you get by commenting below!

Remember to let your customers know its Pie Day, too. Recommend your fave pie on the menu, get the ‘what makes a real pie?’ debate going, or share some of these fun pie facts with them to celebrate…

  • The pie dates back to 9500BC – that’s a really long time ago!!
  • The pastry shell we’re familiar with was never meant to be eaten! It was just a baking dish and a way to serve the filling.
  • The most expensive meat pie was sold for £8,195 (£1,024 per slice) in Burnley. It included gold leaf, wagyu beef fillet, vintage wine and matsutake mushrooms.
  • Shakespeare killed off two of his characters by baking them in a pie in Titus Andronicus (his first tragedy).
  • Entries at the Strange Pie Contest in California include ‘pickle and peanut butter’ and ‘candied peppers and chocolate’ pies. What weird and wonderful flavours would you conjure up?
  • Oliver Cromwell banned mince pies in 1644. Apparently the law was never repealed, so pull the blinds before you break out the pies this year!

Whatever you get up to – and however many pies you munch through – we hope you have a Pie Day to remember! 🙂


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