The perfect bar

Our beer brands are staples on bars all around the globe. They span the entire range, including national, craft, local and world. So, we want to know: what’s on your perfect bar?

From heavyweight champions to medieval forests, the latest issue of The Place mag celebrates the stories behind our national beer heroes: Bombardier, Hobgoblin, Wainwright and Pedigree. They’re staples on the bar – but it’s the breadth of our portfolio that really makes us the ‘best for beer’.

“It’s important we offer the right mix of national and local ales,” said Chris Keating, Director of Marketing. “The perfect bar is different for every customer – but we have the range that can fit any bill.”

So, what’s your ideal line-up? Comment below to share your faves with us. And pick-up a copy of the mag from your site to hear more from Chris.


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