Ralph’s on the road!

CEO Ralph is hitting the road on a tour of Marston’s – and he wants you to join him (virtually, at least!). So, where’s his first stop?

The day of Ralph’s first journey has arrived! It’s time to grab your wheels and hit the road, as you travel up and down the country with him to meet teammates who are bringing our Plan to life.

Watch his video message below to find out more about Ralph on the Road, then keep scrolling to see how you can join the action…

Ralph’s first stop is The Pointing Dog Clubhouse in Sheffield. It’s a great example of ‘right pub, right place’ – visit the hub at www.ralphontheroad.co.uk and you’ll see why! Here, you can watch Ralph’s films, scroll through the picture galleries and read his postcards. You can also share your own ideas and stories, so get posting your comments! We especially want to know what sets your taste buds tingling when it comes to pizza toppings (it’ll make sense soon, we promise!)…

We hope you enjoy touring with Ralph – and keep a look out for where he’s heading next (he could be heading to a town near you!).

But first, onto sunny Sheffield. Ready? Let’s go!


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